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Monday, 28 November 2016

Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS Wishes वॅलिंटाइन्स दे Quotes Greetings Messages Status Wallpapers

Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS Wishes वॅलिंटाइन्स दे Quotes Greetings Messages Status Wallpapers : Valentines Day SMS 2017, Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2017, Valentines Day Wishes 2017, Valentines Day Greetings 2017, happy valentines day whatsapp status 2017, valentines day facebook status 2017, Happy Valentines Day Wallpapers 2017, valentines day 2017 Images wishes, lovely pics of Valentines Day wishes for girlfriend and boyfriend. Valentines day best of the month sms are here which you can send to your wife or husband. New Valentines day 2017 messages for your love and romantic partner here you can send a best of the year valentines day quotes in you social account. So here we are to provide you a best everything related with Valentines day for make your this day so special and memorable.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS Wishes वॅलिंटाइन्स दे Quotes Greetings Messages Status Wallpapers

Everything is fair in love and war this Valentines day on 14th February 2017 Wish a best suitable Valentines day sms, Quotes, Greetings, HD Wallapaers, valentines day photos for girlfriend, Valentines day smiles images. Here you can pick any suitable Valentines day Whatsapp Status and Facebook Status for your social sayings wishes. It is the most special day for the lovers and some one special in our life which is love to you so much. So Choose your favorite message of Valentines day 2017 and share it with you loving partner to make them feel special on this Valenitnes day make memorable.

Valentines Day SMS Messages 2017 वॅलिंटाइन्स दे
Your eyes..your smile,Your touch...your kiss,Your promise...your words,Our everlasting bliss...Happy Valentine Day,!
*This is a moon which learns from you..That is a sun which respects you..There are stars which shine for you..And here, Its me who live for you,,..
तेरी लव्ली आइज़ ने
मुजपे एक एफेक्ट किया है,
की मैने सबको रिजेक्ट करके
तुजको सेलेक्ट किया है!
सेलेक्ट किया मैने प्यार से
दिल नही तोड़ना मेरा इनकार से!!
  • Vaalvin Enimai kathalil Pirakkum
  • Unnmaikkathal Unnil Olirum
  • Neeyen Ulagam..

My eyes are blind without your eyes to see, Like a rose without color. Always be there in my life sweetheart!!!
  • कितना भी चाहो ना भूल पाओगे,
  • हम से जितना दूर जाओ नज़दीक पाओगे,
  • हूमें मिटा सकते हो तो मिटा दो,
  • यादों से क्या जुड़ा कर पाओगे.
  • हॅपी वॅलिंटाइन दे!!

Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart.Happy Valentines Day my love.
#If I could die early I would ask God if I could be your guardian angel, so I could wrap my wings around you and embrace you whenever you feel alone !!!.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Whatsapp Status वॅलिंटाइन्स दे Valentines Day Facebook Status 2017
If You Love Someone,Give Them The Option ToLeaveBut...Never Give Them A Reason To Leave!Happy Valentines Day!!!
  • *Sweeter than the candies.
  • Lovellier than the red roses.
  • more huggable than soft toys.
  • that’s what you’re.
  • here’s wishing you a valentines day.
  • that is as special as you are,,,

हीरे धीरे से अब तेरे प्यार का दर्द कम हुआ,
ना तेरे आने की खुशी हुई और ना जाने का गम हुआ,
जब लोग मुझसे पूछते हैं हमारी दोस्ती की दास्तान,
मैं कह देता हूँ की एक फसाना था जो अब ख़त्म हुआ

*My eyes are blind without your eyes to see,
similar to a rose without color.
Love you forever, Happy Rose Day 2017!!!
  • मोहब्बत लफ़्ज़ों की मोहताज़ नही होती! जब तन्हाई मे आपकी याद आती है, होंठो पे एक ही फरियाद आती है खुदा आपको हर खुशी दे, क्योंकि आज भी हमारी हर खुशी आपके बाद आती है...... हॅपी वालेंटिंडे 

With this rose, I reveal all mythoughts and feelings about youthat I have withheld for so long.I feel when I am with you I am like a rose,not because of it’s beauty,but because I am able to bloom and grow with you.
  • If a hug represented how much I loved you, I would hold you in my arms forever

वॅलिंटाइन्स दे Valentines Day Quotes 2017 Wishes

Happy Valentines Day HD Wallpapers 2017 वॅलिंटाइन्स दे Images pics photos

Happy Valentines Day Greetings Wishes 2017 वॅलिंटाइन्स दे

Hope you really enjoy this Valentines Day and wish you a very Happy Valentines day 2017, Specialy for a long lovers who searching a best this Valentines Day 2017 SMS, Messages, quotes, greetings, wallpapers, images, Sher O Shayari in Hindi, Pictures, Whatsapp Status and Facebook Status in Hindi font, Valentines Day text sending’s or sayings wishes. Easily pick any and send to wish to make your day complete say connected with us for more excited updates.

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Happy Valentines Day 2017 Greetings
Valentines day 14th Feb Hindi Shayari
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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Happy Kiss Day 2017 Wishes Quotes किस दे Whatsapp Status SMS Messages Greetings Wallpapers

Happy Kiss Day 2017 Wishes Quotes किस दे Whatsapp Status SMS Messages Greetings Wallpapers : Kiss Day Messages 2017, Happy Kiss Day SMS, Kiss Day Whatsapp Status 2017, Collection of Kiss Day Wishes, Latest Kiss Day Quotes 2017, Right Kiss Day Pictures for love, Best Happy Kiss Day Images, Beautiful collection of Kiss Day HD Wallpapers, Here are the collection of happy kiss day status for whatsapp and facebook it is the last second day of love which is know as a Kiss Day 2017. The day of valentines day week most of youths celebrates this day on the western cultures or all overtthe world between couples, lovers, partners, newly married persons. Some of the intelligent peoples are looking the best suitable ideas to wish this Kiss Day 2017 make memorable and enjoyable. You required to pik any suitable Kiss Day Wishes and send to first wishes and show’s your internal feeling with our fabulous collection of Happy Kiss Day Wishes, Quotes, SMS, Messages for Whatsapp Status and Facebook Status Sayings.

Happy Kiss Day 2017 Wishes Quotes किस दे Whatsapp Status SMS Messages Greetings Wallpapers

Happy Kiss Day Wishes this is the 6th Day of love and you wish to a best of the year near to the Valentines Day 2017 it is currently celebrated on Monday, February 13, Kiss Day 2017. Wishes to send it to your best girlfriend/boyfriend and best buddies, Here are Most popular collection of Happy Kiss Day 2017 SMS, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Kiss Day Whatsapp Status in Hindi, Kiss Day 2017 Facebook Status Shayari in Hindi, Kiss Day HD Wallpapers wishes, love images for Kiss Day, beautiful girl kissing scene pictures for Facebook profile. Lots of different ideas wishes for make your Kiss Day 2017 memorable and send a unique Kiss Day Status and wishes for your loving friends.

Kiss Day SMS 2017, Messages किस दे
When I saw you... I was afraid to meet you When I met you... I was afraid to kiss you When I kissed you... I was afraid to love you Now that I love you... I m afraid to lose you!!
  • मेरे होंतों से तेरे होंतों को गीला कर डू,
  • तेरे होंटो को में और भी रसीला कर डू,
  • तू एस कदर प्यार करे के प्यार की इंतेहा हो जाए,
  • तेरे होंटो को चूस कर टुजे ओर जोशीला कर डू.

Benefits of Kissing,
Changes taste;Burns Calories..
Lips never go dry,
Relieves Stress..
Makes face muscles strong,
So 'Keep Kissing'...
Happy kissing day 2017!!!
  • कोई मोक़ा मिस नई करते
  • शाहिद अफ़रीदी ने सेमी फाइनल मैं कल्लिस को
  • किस कर ये साबित क्र दिया पठान पठान
  • होता है कोई मोक़ा मिस नई करते!
  • हॅपी किस दे

*What Our Lips Are Telling,a first kiss is likely to be one of your most vivid memories.What Our Lips Are Telling Us. Think Deeply,Happy Kiss Day...
  • #Mere jazbaaton ko meri kamjori smajhne ka kaam mat kar..
  • Maine dil se chaha tha tujhe yun mere ishq ko tu baadnam na kar..
  • Wo aur honge jo pal me sab bhula dete hain,
  • Humari baat aur hai hum to mohobbat me sab kuch luta dete hain!!!

Happy Kiss Day 2017 Whatsapp Status, Facebook Status किस दे
Kissing is like drinking salted water,,.. You drink, and your thirst increases,..
  • I fell worthy of every kiss I laid upon you for in each of them went part of my heart,.. Happy Kiss Day 2017 ''Sweet heart''.

किसी की महेफि़ल मे..
किस किसी ने किस किस को किस किया,
एक हम थे जिसने हर मिस को किस किया.
और एक आप थे जिसने पर किस को मिस किया,,
''हॅपी किस दे''
What is a kiss? Why this,.. as some approve,,,. the sure,.. sweet cement,,, glue,,, and lime of love!!
  • A random kiss is better than an awkwardly planed one. Happy Kiss Day.

लड़की साथ हो तो होटेल बिल,
लड़की दूर हो तो मोबाइल बिल,
लड़की ना मिले तो दारू का बिल
इसलिए ना लगाओ दिलना आएगा बिल.
लव से बोलो जाई लोकपाल बिलहॅपी किस दे तो मी फ्रेंड्स
*A kiss is a lovely trick designed by God to stop speech when words... become superfluous,,,.. Happy Kiss Day 2017!!
पुच्च्ो मेरे दिल से तुम्हे पैगाम लिखता हू,
साथ गुज़री बाते तमाम लिखता हूँ,
दीवानी हो जाती हैं वो कलाम भी,
जिस कलाम से तुम्हारा नाम लिखता हूँ.
हॅपी किस दे 2017!!!
  • #Tuje Chumne Ka Maza Hi Aur Hai.
  • Tuje Me Chuma Tere In Kubsurat Gulabi Honton Pe.
  • Tuje Chumo Me Tera Hasen Mehktwe Jism Ko.
  • Bus Tume Hi Chumta Jao.
  • Is Tarah Mere Jawani Ki Saal Beet Jaye.
  • Happy Kiss Day 2017!!

Ik Paase Kikran C Te Ik Paase Berian,Nehar Vich Layian C Ni Buggian Main Terian

Kiss Day Quotes 2017, किस दे Kiss Day Wishes

Happy Kiss Day HD Wallpapers 2017, किस दे Images Wishes, Pictures, Photos

Kiss Day 2017 Greetings किस दे, Text Wishes

Happy Kiss Day Quotes Wishes – In our collection you can send a best unique Happy Kiss Day Quotes, SMS, Messages, Sayings, Whatsapp Status, Wishes for Facebook Status, Kiss Day 2017 Greetings, Wallpapers, hd Images, Photos, Pictures, Pics of Kissing scenes of couples and two lovers. This is the best suitable platform where you can send a Facebook Kiss Day Wishes and Whatsapp Kiss Day Wishes to your friends and show how you love to your partner. Stay connected with us for more excited updates.

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